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Therapeutic or Relaxing Massage Relaxation, stress reduction, health maintenance and recovery from injury, are great benefits of massage. Specific and general techniques used are Swedish or Deep Tissue combined with Myofacial Release, PNF, and Trigger Point.
$40 for 30 minutes
$70 for an hour
$105 for 90 minutes
$140 for 2 hour

*Price reflects discount for paying at the time of service*

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

To decrease swelling and promote healing and wellness during/after injury or illness.
Minimum 1-hour appointment

Rain Drop Massage

Utilizes a sequence of 9 essential oils dropped on the back, coupled with light feathered finger strokes. This technique is based on ancient Lakota Indian healing techniques. These nine oils help support the immune system, respiratory system, and support stressed muscles, ligament, and tendons. They also balance energy and lift the spirit. Raindrop massage is deeply relaxing.
75 minutes..... $100

Women Getting Spa Treatment

*Price reflects discount for paying at the time of service*

Foot Massage

Fingers and Toes

Look and feel your best with freshly manicured fingers and a relaxing pedicure. We offer clean and sanitized services using copper bowls with pebbles. Also warm neck wrap and your choice of complimentary beverage, hot tea, cappuccino, and wine.

Basic Manicure
-Arm and hand massage, care of cuticles, nail shaping and polish of your choice.
30 minutes.....$20
Gel Manicure
-Care of cuticles, nail shaping and polish of you choice. Care of cuticles nail shaping and gel polish of your choice
30 minutes.....$25
Deluxe Manicure
-Includes the basic manicure in addition to a gentle exfoliation treatment and a revitalizing seaweed mask for hands and arms.
45 minutes.....$30
W/Gel Polish.....$40
Mini Pedicure
-Calming foot soak, heel scrub, moisturizing treatment, nail shaping and cuticle care, completed with the polish of your choice.
*Please bring flip-flops or sandals to your appointment
30 minutes.....$30
W/Gel Polish.....$40
Spa Pedicure
-Soothing foot soak with nourishing and hydrating elements, nail care, warm towel cleanse, gentle exfoliation treatment with heel scrub, seaweed mask, finished with a leg and foot massage and polish of your choice.
*Please bring flip-flops or sandals to your appointment
60 minutes.....$45
W/Gel Polish.....$55
Artificial Nails
-Rez.n or Acrylic
Full Set......$45

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Full set... $150
Fill... $75

Classic Lash Extensions

Full set... $135
Fill 1 hour... $65
Fill 45min... $50

Hair Treatment Services

Hair Care

Hair Cuts
Children (10 and under) .....$15

Color Services

All Over Color....$55
Full Weave....$75
Partial Weave.....$55
Demi-Permanent Color.......$55


Starting at....$75
Senior Citizens.....$68

Hair Extensions

*Requires a Consultation Appointment


Contact us for a consultation and our rates.

Tanning Services

ProSun Tanning Beds 

Per session (up to 20min) pricing:
1 tan......$6
6 tans......$29
10 tans.....$40
20 tans.....$65
Per minute pricing:
300 minutes......$70
180 minutes......$50
100 minutes......$35

Please note: Affective July 1, 2010 there is an additional charge of 10% for the "tan tax" as part of the passed health care bill.

Facials, Waxing & Threading

Very relaxing and makes your skin radiant.

Skin Care

Petite Facial
-Face cleansing, mild exfoliation, and an appropriate mask. Fit this into your busy schedule, and your skin will be grateful.
30 minutes.....$40
Classic Facial
-Face cleansing, face, and neck massage, exfoliation mask, extractions (if necessary) and a customized mask. Relax your senses and refresh your skin.
60 minutes.....$65
Luxury Facial
-Start with a light back rub, face cleansing, an extended face and neck massage, exfoliation mask, extractions (if necessary), and a customized mask. Leave stress-free and peaceful.
75 minutes.....$80
Polishing Back Treatment
-Don't forget to treat your back with a deep cleansing and scrub followed by a soothing and healing mud mask.
45 minutes.....$50
Lash and/or Brow Tinting
-$20 lashes or brows only or $35 for both (add a brow wax for just $10 more)
Lashes or brows.....$20

Waxing or Threading Services

For Best Results: At least 1/4" - 1/2" of hair growth is needed
Brow .....$15
Lip, Nostrils, Cheeks, Chin or Ears .....$12
Full Face (3 areas) .....$35
Underarms .....$25
Arms .....$30
Basic Bikini .....(starting at) $40
French Bikini .....(starting at) $55
Brazilian .....(starting at) $60
Lower Leg .....$35
Full Leg .....$50
Back .....$35
Back w/neck .....$45
Neck only .....$15
Chest .....$30